2014 Forest Hills Drive

There’s something about story-telling that is so gripping. A human interaction, a relational incident or just being able to learn about the struggles of others. This imparting of knowledge is a characteristic of conscious rap. J Cole does it impeccably, his lyric content lays out raw and honest stories. He’s the total opposite of what you might imagine a top-selling recording artist to be, genuine and down-to-earth his lyrical content is humbling, not boasting. He was handed the luxuries of fame but gave it right back in favor for what he calls his real happiness; his family, his girl, his friends and his small town.

His new EP 2014 Forest Hills Drive is out and it has topped the charts. I couldn’t pick a favorite song from it, so I’m attaching just one of the many I’ve had on repeat and the documentary-style preview he’s released on Youtube which is nothing short of inspiring.


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