The Hundred Foot Journey

It just so happens that I get my music inspiration from all sorts of place, this time it was from a film.

I literally can’t keep my composure when I watch a movie with a fantastic story line and a perfectly orchestrated soundtrack. The last time this happened for the movie Hugo. And more recently for the movie The Hundred Foot Journey, I lived a suspenseful  2 hours between wanting to know what happens next and shazaming every song in the background or scribbling down the lyrics so that I can google them later. The movie is heart-warming and each character is unique in it’s own way. The fusion of cultures and meshing of traditions is so lovely to see. Besides you can’t not fall in love with Papa Kadam.

The soundtrack was created by THE power house of a composer A R Rahman (you might remember him from Slum dog Millionaire)
I’ve shared my favorite song from the movie


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