Instrumentals II

These songs (except for the last one) are off the Like Crazy soundtrack, a beautiful movie that came out late last year. The exquisite composer is Dustin O’Halloran, an american pianist.  His songs are so soothing and the melody literally carries you away.  I’m finding it perfect for essay writing since there are no lyrics to distract you from the thoughts in your head. I’ve kind of turned these bunch of songs along with Your Hand in Mine into a second  mini study playlist. My absolute favourite is definetely the first song.



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5 responses to “Instrumentals II

  1. Mohamad Arasoghli

    Good song collection :) But the 1st song is definitely the best! Its like there is a story behind it but you translate it in terms of whatever is happening in your life.. or that’s me jst seeing it this way hehe

  2. S.Dudin

    I went deep in my own thought while listening to the first 4 tracks, yet at the same time felt so light and at peace…thanks for sharing!

  3. Lana K

    this playlist is my best friend right now

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