The Hunger Games Soundtrack

I heard about The Hunger Games awhile back but never got a chance to start reading the books. They are definitely on my summer list since I’ve only heard good feedback from anyone whose read them or recommended them. But right now, no one is really talking about them since they have been adapted into a movie that comes out on the 23rd of this month, so fans are really excited. It’s like the new generation of Harry Potters and LOR trilogy. Although I won’t be joining the masses to check it out cause I tend to like to read to books before seeing the movie, some songs off the soundtrack are out and they are quite good. The songs are very laid back slow paced, which I really like, but also kind of haunting. I love that Birdy is featured since she has been an obsession lately, if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out her songs here.
Here you go :)

a little bit of Maroon5,


Taylor Swift,


Enjoy, xx


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