Mashrou’ Leila (for Majeedo)

Mashrou’ Leila are a fast growing Lebanese band formed in 2008 as part of of music workshop at the American University of Beirut. The band is composed of  Haig, Omaya, Carl, Ibrahim, Firas, Andre and finally Hamed as the lead vocalist. They’ve released two studio albums so far, Mashrou3 Leila in 2009 and El Hal Romancy last summer. Their lyrics are satirical and address the shaded faces of Lebanese culture seen through Beirut’s youth. Definitely, one of my favourite bands. They are the first to re-mold the image of what we know popular Arabic music to be, very generic and kind of shallow. Their name can be translated into Night Project or Leila’s Project whichever you like. They also gained fame being featured in the opening credits of the web series Beirut I love you, I love you not.

Here’s a sampler…

Shimm el Yasmine
Imm el Jacket
Inni Mnih
El Hal Romancy
Rakset Leila
Ghadan Yawmon Afdal
Im Bim Billilah

To listen continousy, go here

PS: Promise will be back to English after this one, don’t leave me yet…



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2 responses to “Mashrou’ Leila (for Majeedo)

  1. Loved them all! <3
    Won't be leaving any time soon, you just got urself a permanent fan ;) x

  2. Mounir Kassab

    hahah sho amy were moving up i see ;)

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