Do you know Coeur de Pirate?

So I know most of you don’t  really listen to any french music. But I think I may have found the french version of an Ellie Goulding (if you dont know Ellie go check out her cover of Your Song, NOW).

The artist is Coeur de Pirate (Pirate Heart in French), she’s from Quebec but sings with a more French French accent. Her most recent album “Blonde” came out in this past November, her first self titled album a couple years back. Most of her songs are kind of mellow-ish, but Adieu, La vie est ailleurs and Comme des Enfants move along a little quicker. wicked games is a cover from the band The weeknd and is the only english song on the list.

Even though you might not understand what she’s saying, she’s worth a listen.  I wouldn’t say if she wasn’t, promise. Here’s a compilation from her new and older album. The songs are lounge-y, cosy and have a little quirky charm to them, good for a lazy sunday kind of thing or background music…

To listen to them continuously go here

Petite mort(*)
C’etait salement romantique
Comme des enfants(*)
La vie est ailleurs
Cap diamand(*)
Les Amours Devouees
Loin d’ici
Place de la republique(*)
wicked games

(*) my favorites



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2 responses to “Do you know Coeur de Pirate?

  1. Nice!! I like those!! Also check that one out I used to love it

  2. Someone had told me about it today as well, ecoute le nouveau post… je crois que tu aimeras aussi.. Mercii love :*

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