getting ready to go out?

This a fun list to listen to while your getting ready or on your way somewhere. Some old, some more recent… always pumps me up :)

Sash- raindrops
4 strings- Take me away
Inna- Endless
Rock Mafia- The Big Bang
Dirty Vegas – Days go by*
Juan Mugan- Bailando por ahi
Michel Telo- Ai se te pego (with the dance moves, of course)
Morgan Page, Ned Sheprad ft Sultan- In the air
AVB ft Laura V- Drowning
Flo rida ft Sia- Wild ones
Micheal Mind – Hold On*
Kylie Minogue- The One*
Morgan Page ft Greg Laswell- Addicted
Swedish House Mafia- Your Name
Gigi d’agastino – la passion
Graig Smart- 1,2 3*
Nadia Ali-Crash and burn
David Guetta ft Sia- Titanium
Kylie Minogue – Can’t get you outta my head*
Ella rose- Lovely words 
Sela Sue ft sexion d’assault – Raggamuffin

Have a good weekend xx

update: I had forgotten the ones with the *



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7 responses to “getting ready to go out?

  1. Mohamad Arasoghli

    “Get Lifted” is how I can describe this playlist! Very mellow choices that set an amazing mood :) I can imagine the gang just listening to this then hitting Taboo bi Leb ;)

  2. Sogh, awhepoo thank you <3… sar fi a7lo mino la Taboo, X kbber hayda :s

  3. Mounir Kassab

    loving the new playlist <3

  4. man you guys are the best…i swear

  5. Thanks for the follow, Amira! And the electrical play list. I’ll keep it in mind next time I go out on the town :)

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